I miss you all, I have like 3 submissions from the past few months…. so get on the submissions guys! :) I’ll post the ones that I have in a little bit - before bed tonight!




Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been m.i.a. lately - basically since someone created a twin blog I haven’t felt the need to be here as much… I’ll be back just as soon as I return to campus and am away from my family again!


DP/DR poll I made on and an illustration that sort of shows dissociation

That could be interesting to the dp/dr community.

Also this poll I did showed perhaps, a correlation between introverted intuitive types and DP. (Or maybe the demographic of, that’s where it took place, specifically


mondimusprime-deactivated201302 said: @flowinglikehoney: While (I think) we all may have periods where we suffer from boughs of DP 24/7 (I've definitely experienced this), there are things that break the spells. For me, it's usually anxiety or panic attacks - but then I usually slip right back into the 'dream' state and lose reality again after I calm down. I don't think it's ever caused suicidal thoughts in me personally - but it's certainly easier to think about with DPD, I think...easier to detach yourself from it, even.



Hey guys if you could check out my last ask and leave your input in my ask box I’ll post it - Thanks for the help! :) It’s much appreciated.

Know one is alone in this if we stick together!


flowinglikehoney-deactivated201 said: this is to your asks. some mentioned that you are thankful for the moments of reality or keep what gives u reality but do you any of you live in a constant state of depersonalization? i have felt in a dream constantly 24/7 for 7 years now. i never have moments of reality. some days its more intense than others. also, do you ever get suicidal thoughts beccause of your dp?

I’ve gone months at a time without feeling reality but I have to question if at some point I did briefly feel it in those months and not realize it. It’s really difficult to explain I guess. :-/ Sorry I couldn’t be more help - Anyone Else?


incoloure said: to the last ask that you are on about- I realise I've been in 'reality' when I start having a dp experience(I think you said something like this?) and I think back to like an hour ago and remember I felt no feeling of dp! so like the other person, I dont tend to feel reality, but when I realise I have, I'm thankful! and as for the motor skills, I'm not yet currently driving but I found even when I didnt know what DR was, I was having episodes when horse riding, so it sounds like a similar thing!

Thank you! it truly is different yet similar for each individual! :)

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